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Trust Litigation

The firm represents clients before the probate and civil courts in lawsuits involving probate, wills or trusts.  These include:


  • Wills and trusts contests.

  • Claims against executors, administrators, trustees or conservators.

  • Negligent estate or trust administration cases.

  • Conflict of interest cases.

  • Theft, misappropriation or mismanagement of estate or trust property.

  • Fraud or undue influence cases.

  • Elder abuse cases.

  • Trust enforcement proceedings.

  • Breach of trust cases.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty or malfeasance cases.

  • Petitions for an accounting.

  • Attorney malpractice actions involving negligent preparation of wills, codicils or trusts.

  • Attorney malpractice actions involving negligence in probate or trust proceedings.

  • Claims under fidelity or fiduciary bonds.

  • Related insurance coverage and insurer bad faith cases.

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