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Recent Firm Successes

$3,500,000: Medical malpractice action involving brain and neurological injury from negligently administered anesthesia    and negligent post-surgican care.



$3,500,000: Recovery of unpaid overtime benefits in class action brought by employees of a chain of vocational schools.


$1,500,000: Action against hospital for wrongful suspension and termination of an intensive care nurse wrongfully accused of violating hospital policies and procedures.

$1,500,000: Medical malpractice action against hospital for negligence of its surgical recovery nurse resulting in brain injury to natal patient.

$1,000,000: Recovery of malpractice insurance policy limits in medical malpractice action against anesthesiologist for negligent administration of Demerol.

$480,000: Recovery of attorney malpractice insurance policy limits for fee gouging.

$400,000: Claim by electronics engineer for employer's misappropriation of intellectual property rights to circuitry for high speed digital scanner.

Injunction: Permanent federal court injunction restraining illegal use of trademarks and proprietary information by competitor of a web-based business.

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