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 Our Firm is experienced in the prosecution and defense of professional malpractice cases throughout California.


In most cases, our Firm will review your malpractice claim for free.


Our lawyers have decades of experience representing clients and patients, or their executors, estate representatives, survivors, conservators or guardians, in civil lawsuits and arbitrations involving claims of attorney malpractice, medical malpractice, accountant's malpractice, contractor's and architect's malpractice, unauthorized or unlicensed professional practice, professional fee disputes and wrongful death.


Attorney Malpractice

Some representative attorney malpractice engagements include the assertion of client remedies for professional errors and omissions in connection with business transactions, finance, securities offerings, real estate, civil litigation and arbitration, settlements, wills trusts, estates and probate, intellectual property registration and intellectual property agreements.


Did you know that your attorney may be liable for settling your claim for too small an amount?


Did you know you may have only one year to file a claim of legal malpractice?


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims include personal injury, wrongful death and permanent, partial or total disability. The Firm has extensive experience and has recovered millions of dollars for its clients in situations involving neurological, brain and nervous system injuries, cardiovascular, heart and heart valve problems, stroke, coma, learning disabilities, job or employment disabilities, and psychological injuries including depression, anxiety disorder, paranoia, sexual dysfunction and psychosis. Typical medical malpractice defendnats include hospitals, medical clinics, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, infectious disease specialists, emergency physicians, radiologists, neurologistd, oncologists, pain management specialists, surgeons, obstetricians and psychiatrists. The Firm has special interest in brain and neurological injuries suffered by infants, children or young adults fro manesthesia, narcotics, pharmaceuticals, prescriptions, surgery, injuries to the head, neck and spine.


Did you know that you may have only six months to file a claim against a government-owned hospital and one year within which to sue for medical malpractice?


Professional Discipline

The Firm represents attorneys in California State Bar proceedings and physicians, surgeons, physician assistants and nurses before the California Medical Board, Board of REgistered Nursing and other regulatory bodies.


Engineer's, Contractor's and Architect's Malpractice

Attorney Osborn brings years of experience as a practicing engineer to technical litigation.



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