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Insurance Bad Faith

OsbornLaw attorneys have vast experience involving most forms of insurance and related disputes. They have represented insurers, insured parties and third party claimants and litigants. They are thoroughly familiar with general liability, home owner’s, professional errors and omissions, directors and officers liability, fidelity, employment and life insurance.


Firm lawyers have recovered many millions of dollars in policy benefits on behalf of insured individuals and businesses. They have successfully induced or compelled insurance companies to defend and settle claims and lawsuits which they had previously asserted were not covered. They have compelled insurers to finance the defense of lawsuits despite disputes concerning coverage. They have prosecuted and defended claims against insurance brokers for providing inadequate coverage or for misrepresenting benefits.


Did you know that your insurance company may be obligated to pay your own lawyer to defend you?


Did you know that you should not rely on your insurance broker or insurance company if they claim there is no coverage?


Did you know that an insurance company may be obligated to defend you or pay a claim against you even though it disputes coverage?


Did you know your insurance company has an obligation to investigate, evaluate and settle any potentially covered claim against you even though there might not actually be coverage?


Did you know your policy limits may be lifted where your insurance company acts unreasonably?

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