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Personal Injury

The firm provides free consultation and evaluation of potential claims of personal injury or death.  The firm routinely represents its clients on a contingent fee basis whereby the client bears no responsibility for the payment of attorney’s fees or costs unless there is a recovery. 


The firm represents clients in a wide range of cases involving serious bodily injury, disability or death.  These include:

  • Automobile, truck and motorcycle cases.

  • Brain, neurological and dismemberment cases.

  • Quadriplegic and paraplegic cases.

  • Paralysis cases.

  • Mental or psychological injury or deficiency cases.

  • Learning disabilities or disorders.

  • Commercial assault and battery cases.

  • Wrongful death cases.

  • Exposure to poisons, toxins, asbestos or pathogenic organisms such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, aids, toxic molds and other contagious diseases.

  • Pre-natal, post-natal, infant or child cases.

  • Medical malpractice cases.

  • Hospital negligence cases.

  • Retirement or extended care facility neglect cases.

  • Cases involving life-long health and life care and maintenance, physical rehabilitation or  occupational retraining.

  • Related insurance coverage and insurer bad faith cases.

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