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Intellectual Property

Our Firm represents clients in disputes involving trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, inventions, proprietary confidential business information, pawning off and unfair competition.


Our attorneys are very experienced in the prosecution and defense of federal and state claims involving the Lanham Act, Copyright Act, Uniform Trade Secrets Act, Unfair Trade Practices Act, Cartright Act and intellectual property such as licensing agreements, royalty agreements, intellectual property agreements, intellectual property assignment or waiver agreements, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, inventions, formulas, designs, customer lists, proprietary non-public information, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, pawning off, trade piracy, mislabeling, infringement, consumer confusion and unfair, unlawful or deceptive business, trade or advertising practices.


Did you know that if you do not defend your ownership you may lose exclusive rights to your invention?


Did you know that many California non-competition agreements are void and unenforceable?


Did you know that you must take steps to secure a trade secret or lose the right to patent it?


Did you know that a copyright does not normally protect ideas?


Did you know you may be entitled to recover your costs and attorneys’ fees?


Did you know you may be entitled to statutory penalties and punitive damages?

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